Consignment Flyer

Want to sell your vehicle with no hassle at all? Let Kovacs Motors very experienced staff handle the whole process for you. We have a great reputation that buyers and sellers trust. We know the market and can price your vehicle aggressively to make everyone involved with the sale happy and completely satisfied.

We have a very high visibility location on Hwy 12 with thousands of people passing by our lot all day long, some even come in! We also advertise online with high profile websites (,,,,, Craigslist, etc.) that give us a lot of high quality leads as well as our own very well engineered website,

Our professional staff will display and show your vehicle to prospective buyers, answer phone calls, emails, and go on test drives with pre-qualified customers. We handle every step of the process, all you have to do is count the money when the check comes rolling in…The upfront fee is very minimal and our commission is deducted from the sale proceeds, so there is hardly any out of pocket expense. We can get more for your vehicle on our lot after we prep it for sale than you could privately, so the commission is basically free! Contact us today for a free appraisal and consultation. Let us be the Aspirin for your car sale headache!

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